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New Service

Jensen Interceptor worn and sagging Leaf Springs. We can overhaul and replace weak or damaged Leaf Springs and Re-Bush your car, making your Interceptor handle and feel the way it was intended at manufacture. Or just send us your leaf springs for re-tension & overhaul.

Can arrange collection and Delivery of Leaf Springs & Wheels via our Courier service

High Quality Stanless Steel Exhaust Systems and Manifold Headers for Jensen Interceptor and Jensen Healey Models. These use marine quality stainless steel, higher spec than other off the shelf exhaust systems.

New Jensen Interceptor Bumpers at Bargain Basement Prices

New Jensen Bonnet Badges and other Decals at Keen Prices

Jensen Wheel Refurbishment

Charlton Classic Cars are offering Alloy Wheel Refurbishment. Make Old Wheels Look Like New!

These are machined and trued up to the highest specification.

Jensen Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

We can also supply our own Wheel Nuts for Jensen Healey and Jensen Interceptor. These are made from Aviation Grade Duraluminium that are lighter and have a higher tensile strength than the originals.

Latest Parts : Contactless Ignition

Distributor Modification Kit. No need to replace points ever again! We have these kits in stock for the following : Jensen Healey & Lotus.


NEW Power window switches, also engraved for door lock, hood, and electric aerial for Jensen Interceptors.

  • Lucas part no. 30380.

Jensen Interceptor Switch, 30380

Switches available for Lotus Elan S4 & Lotus Europa, including Bristol Beaufighter

Lotus S4 Switch, Lotus Europa Window Switch

Coil Booster Lead

Originally made for the Merlin Spitfire Engine, Simply fits between the Coil and the Distributor. This HT Lead will boost the spark at the plug, causing a clean burn in the cylinders, resulting in a smoother more efficient running engine and giving more power and using less fuel.

  • Makes Jensen Healey Engines more efficient eliminating the flat spot.
  • Can be fitted to any engine with either positive or negative earth.
  • Improves Starting in both cold & wet weather conditions.

Coil Booster Lead

High Quality Distributor

  • Similar to Lucas 23D Type (Jensen Healey, Lotus, etc..)
  • Similar to Lucas 25D Type (Jensen Healey / Lotus Type)
  • Other types available on request

Fuel Ingot

Our Fuel Ingot is an amalgam of heavy metals orginally made for Ministry of Defence. This Fuel Ingot prevents Petrol going stale in the fuel tank of occasionally used vehicles. Petrol tends to deteriorate after only 2 months causing loss of octane resulting in poor starting, uneaven running and pinking under load.

  • Suitable for any type of cars, especially vehicles that need leaded fuel.
  • Just drop into the petrol tank and forget about it, lasts for 5 years.

Fuel Ingot Stale Petrol Stopper

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New, Used & Hard to find Parts Available!

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